Make An Exhibition: Arcadia's Outdoor Sculptures

September 23–December 13, 2019
Harrison Gallery


Arcadia Exhibitions is pleased to present “Make an Exhibition: Arcadia’s Outdoor Sculptures” in the Harrison Gallery on view from September 23 – December 13, 2019.

Glenn Zwegardt, Tilted Passthrough, 1981, steel, A gift from Phillip and Muriel Berman Arcadia University Permanent Collection, photo: Sam Fritch, 2019

"Make an Exhibition" is an Art History seminar in which students generate a show for one of Arcadia’s gallery spaces. This semester, the class is developing an exhibition based on the University’s collection of nine outdoor sculptures, which includes works by Sylvan Bianco, Charles Ginniver, William King, Henner Kuckuck, Louise Nevelson, Jill Sablosky, and Glen Zweygardt. Documentation of the sculptures produced by Philadelphia-based photographer Sam Fritch is currently on view in the Harrison Gallery.

Through research, observation, surveys, field trips, and readings, the students enrolled in the course are discovering the value the sculptures currently bring to the campus community and determining ways to increase their impact. The class is considering a number of curatorial activities to boost awareness of and engagement with the sculptures, including creating plaques, building a website, and organizing educational programming.

Students enrolled in the course are using the Harrison Gallery as a laboratory to test ideas and engage the public. The show will be on view from September 23 to December 13, 2019.

In the spring of 2018, the inaugural iteration of the seminar was responsible for the exhibition "Camera Work: Making a Medium" presented in the Rosedale Gallery. The show included photographic prints from the seminal publication Camera Work created by Alfred Steiglitz (1864-1946), and marked the public unveiling of these items, donated to Arcadia University by Marilyn Steinbright in 2016.