Named Scholarships

Arcadia University Named Scholarships

The following scholarships are made possible through the generous gifts of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of Arcadia University. Qualifications for these scholarships are based on financial need as well as other factors, as specified by the donors. There is no application process for these scholarships, and recipients are determined by staff from among all current and qualified students. 

The Mary L. Alexander Scholarship

This award was established in 1992 by a bequest from Mary L. Alexander '23, as a lasting memorial.

The Ralph and Elizabeth Broshart Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2006 with a testamentary gift by dedicated alumna, Elizabeth Dunlap Broshart '34, this scholarship is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student on the basis of need.

Dr. Pradyumna S. Chauhan Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1996 to honor Dr. Pradyumna S. Chauhan, Professor of English at Arcadia University, this scholarship is awarded on the basis of need. Due consideration is also given to a student's scholastic ability, intellectual promise, and qualities of character and leadership.

The Helen Glase Calhoun Scholarship

This award gives preference to students interested in Science.

The Ruth Groves Chaney '46 Scholarship

Mrs. Irving Groves established this annual award in 1984 in her daughter's honor. This scholarship is for Early Childhood Education majors.

The Child Care of Montgomery County, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship award was established in 2001 for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, with preference given to women from Montgomery County, Pa.

The Class of 1968 Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2008 by members of the Class of 1968 in honor of their 40th Reunion year, this scholarship is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student on the basis of need, scholastic ability, intellectual promise, and qualities of character and leadership.

The Cook Family Endowed Scholarship Award

Awarded at the annual Honors Convocation to a graduating student with financial need who will be enrolling in one of Arcadia's graduate medical health program. Mary Ann Cook '70 and members of the Cook family established this award in 2008 in recognition of contributions by the Cook family and in memory of Mary Ann Cook's sister, Sandra Cook Labaree '68.

The Mabel Kuhn Cornell Scholarship

These annual awards are for qualified upperclassmen.

The Helen G. Deich '34 and Judith B. Deich '62 Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship award was established in 1994 to honor Helen G. Deich, Class of 1934, and her daughter, Judith B. Deich, Class of 1962.

The Margaret V. Gilman De Luca '61 and Stephen J. De Luca Scholarship

Established in 1999 by Mrs. De Luca's husband, Stephen, this annual scholarship is given to a student who has demonstrated financial need, expressed an interest in a career where writing talents are essential, and shown evidence of his or her abilities.

The Anna Kennedy Eaton Scholarship

This award to an outstanding junior woman gives preference to students majoring in a natural science.

The Annette Schaffer Eskind '49 Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1992 by Annette Schaffer Eskind '49, this scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduate students on the basis of need. Preference is given to students pursuing a degree in Education or Sociology.

The Marie T. Gallagher '95 Endowed Scholarship 

Established by members of the Arcadia University community, family and friends in honor of Marie T. Gallagher and her dedicated service to the University on the occasion of her retirement from Arcadia University's Division of Academic Affairs in 2008, this scholarship provides assistance for a student with financial need.

The Jane Geayer '56 Endowed Scholarship

Jane Geayer Dametz '56 established this award in 2003 for undergraduate students with financial need with preference given but not limited to junior year students who are pursuing courses of study in Fine Arts, Interior Design and Creative Writing. 

The Glenside Centennial Scholarship

In celebration of Glenside's first 100 years (1888 to 1988), local businesses and friends created a perpetual endowment fund to support this annual, need-based, scholastic award for residents of Glenside, Pa.

The Adeline Wishengrad Gomberg Scholarship

This award was established in 1999 by Professor Gomberg for seniors majoring in Education at Arcadia and accepted by the College of Graduate Studies. Dr. Gomberg was a Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies and was recognized and celebrated as a pioneer in the field of reading.

The Ruth C. Grant Endowed Scholarship Fund

Created in 2002, this fund provides financial assistance to needy and deserving students studying abroad for a minimum of one semester, with preference to be given to students studying on the European continent.

The Pauline V. Hamilton Endowed Scholarship Fund

Created in 2001, this fund provides assistance to needy and deserving students.

The Mary Lewis Hicks Scholarship

This award gives preference to a student from the Pittsburgh area.

The Marie-Louise Vermeiren Jackson Scholarship

This annual award, endowed in 1989, is given to a promising student majoring in Education.

The Mary L. Kiefaber Scholarship

This award was established in 1983 as a bequest of Mary L. Kiefaber, as a memorial.

The Catherine C. and Harry G. Kuch Endowed Scholarship

Created in 1987 by a generous gift from Mr. and Mrs. Kuch, this annual award is made to undergraduates pursuing degrees in Finance or Business Administration, based on scholastic ability, intellectual promise, qualities of character and leadership, and financial need.

The David C. Larsen Endowed Scholarship for International Education

This scholarship was established to honor Dr. David C. Larsen and his 20-year career as the Vice President and Executive Director of Arcadia University's College of Global Studies, on the occasion of his retirement in 2008. Awards are made to students enrolled in study abroad programs and support such study for up to one year per student. Scholarships will be based on need and in all cases, when determining awards, it is understood that careful consideration shall be given to a candidate's seriousness of purpose to experience an international education.

The Raymond J. McCollum '88 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This annual award was established by classmates, family and friends in 1988 to honor Raymond J. McCollum who died tragically that year just before Graduation. This award is for a senior who has demonstrated great promise for personal and professional achievement.

The Laura Lind McKee '15 Alumni Scholarship Award

One or more awards from the Montgomery-Bucks Scholarship Club go to students from the Montgomery-Bucks area.

The Montgomery-Bucks Scholarship Club

This award goes to students from the Montgomery-Bucks area.

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship for Mature Women

These awards are for part-time (6 to 11 credits) and full-time undergraduate students 25 years of age or older who are bachelor degree candidates and have completed half the credits necessary for the degree. Selection is made on the basis of demonstrated financial need, and students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better are invited to apply. Students are selected by staff in the Office of Enrollment Management. Applications are available in this office.

The Charles W. Null Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2005 by Kerry Ann Costello-Null '92, '94M and Catherine T. Null in memory of Charles W. Null, husband and son respectively, this scholarship provides financial support to non-traditional undergraduate or graduate students. Preference is given to individuals who have previously been in the workforce full-time and are returning to undergraduate or graduate course work. Charles Null was a student in the Graduate Education program at Arcadia.

The Rieders-Breyer Scholarship 

Established in 2008 by Dr. M. Fredric Rieders '80 in memory of his father, Dr. Fredric Rieders and in honor of, Dr. Arthur C. Breyer, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. This scholarship provides financial support to undergraduate or graduate students in the Arcadia University Forensic Science Program. The scholarship award is made based on an individual’s need for assistance and also takes into consideration his or her scholastic ability, intellectual promise and qualities of character and leadership.

The Jami Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship

This award is given to a full-time undergraduate of junior or senior standing who has demonstrated service and leadership on campus or in external communities, particularly through volunteer work. Recipient(s) must be in good academic standing and have a cumulative Arcadia University GPA of 2.0 or better at the time of application review.

The Doris Roof '30 Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship award was established in 1997 as a bequest of Doris Roof '30, in her memory.

The Mary and Emanuel Rosenfeld Foundation Scholarship

This award goes to a deserving member of the sophomore class.

The Irena E. Seligsohn-Rudorfer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established by the friends and family of Irena E. Seligsohn-Rudorfer '83, this award is made annually to a junior or senior majoring in Psychology or Sociology, with preference given to applicants with a disability.

The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Scholarship

These grants are awarded to deserving and qualified full-time undergraduate students on the basis of financial need. No application is necessary. All students who meet the criteria are automatically reviewed by the Office of Enrollment Management for consideration.

The Rebecca Shriver Scholarship

This award was established in 1998 as a bequest of Rebecca Hart Shriver '33 for international study and travel by students majoring in global studies.

The Benton Spruance Scholarship

This award is given with preference to an Art major or a student who participates with distinction in art activities.

The Madeline and Isaac Stein Endowed Scholarship Fund

Created in 1998, this award assists capable students who, without financial assistance, could not enjoy the benefits of an Arcadia University education.

The Benett Rachel Streichler '89 Scholarship Fund

Established in 1989 by the family of Benett Rachel Streichler, on the occasion of her graduation, this annual award is reserved for students who are physically challenged.

The Surdna Foundation Endowed Scholarships

The Surdna Foundation Endowment, established in 1989, provides annual awards to qualified students.

The Ruth Van Horn Scholarship

This award was established in 1993 as a bequest of Ruth Van Horn '34, in her memory.

Jay Vogel Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2009 by Jay Vogel's many friends and colleagues of Arcadia University, where he served as Vice President of Advancement for 23 years. Between 1966 and 1970 Jay Vogel served in the U.S. Air Force and upon his return to the United States from a tour of duty in Germany, he completed his undergraduate degree with the aid of the GI Bill and scholarship assistance. To help others pursue their educational dreams, this scholarship will be awarded with preference given to honorably discharged American service men and women who, without such aid, would not be able to afford a college education.

The Howard M. Werthan Scholarship

This award is given to an undergraduate student.

The Geraldine and John Yerger Endowed Scholarship

This award, established in 2006 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Yerger, is given to a student who is a single parent with preference given to single-parent students who maintain sole custody of their child or children, and who receive no financial support from another for the care of their child or children. In making awards, due consideration shall be given to an individual’s need for assistance, his or her scholastic ability, intellectual promise and qualities of character and leadership.

The Paul J. Zullo Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Adeline Zullo Fricchione '53 and her husband, Patrick Fricchione, Sr., established this scholarship in 2004 to memorialize Mrs. Fricchione’s brother who died as a fighter pilot in World War II. The award is made, based on need, to a full-time undergraduate student, with preference given to a student pursuing a degree in education with a concentration in reading.

The Ruth Howells Zurbuchen Scholarship

This scholarship goes to a promising undergraduate student.

The Arcadia University National Presbyterian Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by Arcadia University in cooperation with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.