Obama Speech at Arcadia Was #1 News Story of Week

March 22, 2010


When President Barack Obama spoke at Arcadia University on March 8—outside his motorcade jeered by protesters and inside his speech cheered by supporters—he made international news by accelerating the dialogue on the passage of health care reforms. It was the #1 news story of that week, propelling Arcadia University’s name around the world in thousands of newspapers and all over the airwaves.

“From March 8-14, the health care debate filled 19% of the newshole," according to the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. The Pew article quoted a March 9 New York Times story: "In a high-octane appearance that harked back to his ‘yes we can' campaign days, Mr. Obama jettisoned the professorial demeanor ... instead making an emotional pitch for public support as he tries to push the legislation through a final series of votes in Congress in the next several weeks. Appearing before 1,800 students and other members of the public at Arcadia University, just outside Philadelphia, Mr. Obama cast himself almost as an outsider in Washington, expressing disdain for ‘the sport of politics' and saying the time for endless debates is over." Read more.