Meshejian Part of Conference at Adreinne Theatre

August 3, 2010

A story in the July 20 Montgomery Life (Fort Washington, Pa.) on the sixth annual PlayPenn Play Development Conference at the Adrienne Theatre quotes Paul Meshejian, an Instructor in Arcadia University’s Theater program. Meshejian is part of the conference that "chooses a select few from a vast number of entries, helps playwrights take their works from page to stage by providing two weeks of readings, a director and a set designer, lighting designer, costume designer or sound designer of the writer’s choosing."

“The goal of the conference is the development of plays, through a process of collaboration, experimentation, rehearsal and rewriting rather than fully realized productions of finished works. By focusing on playwrights' needs, PlayPenn makes the fundamental work of the theater possible without the constraints and pressures of production, promotion and commercial concerns,” says Meshejian.

Meshejian is directing Vanities, the first play of Arcadia University’s Theater season, in October.

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