Education Alum Named to Gallery of Success

November 2, 2010

Mildred Rice Jordan, who earned a master’s degree at Arcadia, went from night school to a Ph.D. in education, and recently retired as a professor at Rider University in Lawrence. Temple University has named her to its Gallery of Success on behalf of Temple’s College of Eduation,” according to the Times of Trenton.

“Because of family issues, Jordan was forced to get her high school diploma in night school, with adults. Later, there was no one on hand to help her fulfill her dreams of college, to pay for any of her classes or even a single book. Still, Jordan made it there, commuting on a bus through neighborhoods as poor and hopeless as her own, and eventually going on to become a Ph.D. in her chosen field—education. Ever since, Jordan, a Hamilton resident and retired professor at Rider University in Lawrence, has spent her days in the kinds of classrooms she craved during her own school years—rooms filled with young people, filled with daylight.” Read more.