Alum Honored for 'Social Justice Causes in Community, World'

November 9, 2010

The Times of Trenton (N.J.) on Nov. 1 reports that “Mildred Rice-Jordan ’76M was inducted into Temple University’s Gallery of Success,  which annually honors one graduate from each of the university’s 17 schools.”

“Mildred Rice-Jordan missed out on a few things during her school days. She’s spent her career filling in the gaps. Because of family issues, Jordan was forced to get her high school diploma in night school with adults. Later, there was no one on hand to help her fulfill her dreams of college, to pay for any of her classes or even a single book. Still, Jordan made it there, commuting on a bus through neighborhoods as poor and hopeless as her own, and eventually going on to become a Ph.D. in her chosen field education. Along the way, she’s dedicated herself to providing the helping hand she lacked to as many students as possible, and to social justice causes in her own community and the world.”

“I want people to care about each other, and I want people, particularly those who have been given so much and have an education, homes and careers, to look at the lives of others who are the have-nots,” she said. “You have a responsibility as a person who’s extraordinarily blessed to give back. If each of us just helps one person, we’d have so fewer problems and the world would be such a better place.” Read more.