KYW Newsradio: Arcadia Expert Says Protests In Egypt, Tunisia Are Game-Changing

February 8, 2011

KYW Newsradio’s Ian Bush came to Arcadia on Feb. 7 as dozens of faculty and students packed a lecture hall to hear new Arcadia faculty discuss the impact of the protests in Egypt and the Middle East.

“For authoritarian states like Jordan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, what started in Tunisia and what now roils Egypt is a game-changer, says Samer Abboud [...], assistant professor of history and international studies at Arcadia University,” Bush reported.

“This changes how authoritarian regimes will govern; it will change how populations relate to the regime, and how they make demands on these regimes,” Abboud says, noting that the protests are the work of young Arabs—the under-30 set who have known bitter conflict between nations less than they have lived dismal economic and political realities in their own countries.

“They live in a globalized world, they live in a world where they’re able to connect with other people and see how other people around the world live, and of course they want to make similar demands,” he says. Read more and listen to the KYW audio.

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