Columnist: Wertime Knows How to 'Wrangle the Writing Life'

August 5, 2011

“Write first because you love to do so; respect the high demands of the craft that good writing requires of you; have resiliency and patience as you cultivate your abilities; and recognize that you must go to the world — the world won’t come to you!," writes Book Bound columnist Nicolette Milholin  in the latest edition of Book Bound in the Montgomery News. She is quoting Dr. Richard Wertime, Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies in English and the Humanities.

Wertime, she says, "knows what it takes to wrangle the writing life."

Milholin, who has twice participated in Arcadia study abroad programs, chronicles the first-ever fiction writer's residency abroad in Umbria, Italy. Wertime led the residency, which helped to kick off Arcadia's new M.F.A. in Creative Writing program. "Under the leadership of ever-vigilant Dr. Richard Wertime, our group of writers ranging broadly in demographics and writing experiences enjoyed two weeks of stimulating atmosphere and intellectual discourse. At the beautiful San Marco bed-and-breakfast, writing workshops were held each morning and several afternoon excursions to hill towns provided writing stimulus. Smaller groups of writing cohorts also met frequently to workshop stories in progress and to critique new pieces.

"With the stunning surroundings of the Italian countryside, the company of intriguing intellectuals, and the security that budding writers were in the hands of extraordinary leadership, this participant can only deem Arcadia’s first MFA excursion a supreme success," says Milholin. Read the full story.

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