Welch '80M Rescues Orphaned Chimp in Cameroon

September 23, 2011

Monica Welch ’80M recently returned from her second trip to a primate reserve in the Republic of Cameroon, as reported by James McGinnis of Phillyburbs.com. A teacher at Russell C. Struble Elementary in Bensalem, Pa., Welch wanted to learn more about the apes discussed in her classroom.

With constant care and tender affection, Welch helped rescue one of the sickliest young chimps ever accepted into Mefou National Park, said Ape Action Africa Director Rachel Hogan. The baby chimp was found clinging to its mother’s corpse and lacked the will to live, Welch said.

The experience changed the way the teacher thinks about education.

“This was an organization without hardly any money and they refused to give up on that chimp,” Welch said. “Nobody out there in the wide world would care about one chimp dying in a jungle. They saved that single chimp. So, why can’t we save every kid in an American school,” she continued.

Welch has taught the Special Interest Program at Struble for 20 years. She has a master's degree in Gifted Education from Arcadia University.

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