Johnson Exhibit Reveals ‘All the Variables That Coalesced in His Artistic Practice’

September 27, 2011

Edith Newall, Gallery Reviewer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, reported on the Arcadia University Art Gallery’s current exhibit "Tables of Contents: Ray Johnson Bob Box Archive," on Sept. 25:

The show's installation suits its subject matter. An assortment of tables found on campus have been pushed together in the center of the gallery like a flea market in the round, the surface of each arranged with the artifacts of a single box. The addressed envelopes of Box 11 occupy a table next to Box 5's collections of dolls' legs and a rubber egg and Box 9's two blue octopi and fake teeth. Box 1's arrangements of beach glass, book spines, and blue sunglasses cozy up to Box 2's ice scraper, shot glass, and jigsaw puzzle piece, and so on. Seeing the obsessive, wide-ranging nature of Johnson's collection laid out in this almost-overlapping fashion, you're given an insight into all the variables that coalesced in his artistic practice, and the fluidity of his punning in words and images.

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Artist and exhibition curator Robert Warner will offer an informal tour of the show on Saturday, Oct. 1, from 2 to 5 p.m. More.

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