Columnist: Elwork '04M Pens Haunting Tale on 'Spirit Knocking'

October 14, 2011

In Montgomery News' latest edition of Book Bound, columnist Nicolette Milholin writes about Paul Elwork '04M and his interest in the spirit world. Elwork is reading at Arcadia Univeristy on Oct. 21 as part of the Writers Returns to Campus Series.

"I think an interest in the spirit world is deep in our nature and as old as the human realization that as surely as we were born, we will die,” says Elwork. “There’s a need to contextualize that and go beyond it—to transform it from an end to another beginning.”

Inspired by the Fox sisters, a trio credited with helping to initiate the Spiritual Movement in the 1800s, Elwork explores the ramifications of such spirit-contacting performances.

“I discovered the Fox sisters while still in high school, in a book by Carl Sagan called ‘Broca’s Brain.’ I was fascinated that these girls had convinced so many people, and even more fascinated that when one of the Fox sisters tried to confess, the true believers rejected the confession as false. It said something to me about the believer’s complicity and active role in the relationship, and about the psychological complexity of grief and belief.”

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