Touching Your Life: Miserandino Finds Strength Through Dance

March 2, 2012

Touching Your Life, Abington Health’s quarterly magazine, featured Dr. Marianne Miserandino, Associate Professor of Psychology, in the Spring 2012 issue. Living with ovarian cancer, Miserandino was undergoing chemotherapy at Abington Memorial Hospital during the writing and publication of her textbook Personality psychology: Foundations and Findings (Prentice Hall, 2011). Through it all, she found strength in dance.

She treated herself to ballet classes, something she’d always wanted to take, at the Professional Dance Academy in Willow Growve. “ Iset a goal to be ‘on pointe’ (the term for standing straight on one’s toes). By the time my cancer recurred in 2006, I had done it!” she exclaims.

Dr. Hanjani and his team stayed on their toes, too. According the Susan Nolte, PhD, director of the Center for Clinical Research at AMH, “Since Marrianne had a long interval without a recurrence, Dr. Hanjani removed the new tumor and placed her on the same six-moth combination f drug therapies that helped her initially.”

Through it all, Marianne kept dancing. “The feeling of moving to the music and being with other people—it’s a blast,” she says. She joined two dance groups, the Janosik Polish Dancers and Monique Legare International Dance Company. Both groups dress in authentic costumes, performing at public events to preserve the cultures of Poland, Armenia, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico and others.

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