Food Network Films Alum and Sisters at Bucks County Mamma D's Restaurant

April 4, 2012

Montgomery Media reported on Mamma D's, a popular Italian restaurant co-owned by Montgomery Count resident and Arcadia University alumna Vilma Desiato ’98M, who recently hosted the Food Network for a three-day shoot, on April 4.

The so-called “Three Graces” — whose faces can be discerned in the painting of Napoleon III’s Empress Eugenia and her court that hangs above the broad fireplace — are “Mamma D” herself, Vilma Desiato, the plucky lady who decided, at age 71 (several years ago) to return to college (Arcadia University), where she earned her master’s degree in English literature, and her feisty sisters, Costanza (or Connie) and Ivelise (Maria).

The painting — the work of an artist from Chef Louie’s hometown, Bologna — was the brainchild of the high-spirited Costanza, who also had the three sisters’ faces surgically inserted into a photo hanging nearby. But she has also contributed the tasty Veal Liver & Onions, Venetian Style ($9) to the menu.

The sisters, who also share a house near the restaurant,  can often be seen at Mamma D’s, “coaching” Chef Louie’s older son, Nick Desiato, a recent graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and the restaurant’s executive chef, on the finer points of Italian cooking. Although he may appear to look frustrated at times with their unsolicited suggestions, he admits that he loves them dearly and truly appreciates their collective wisdom in all matters of the kitchen.

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