Appalachian Regional Healthcare Recognizes New PT: Doctor Watson

May 25, 2012

The Appalachian Regional Healthcare System announced that "Day Watson, a physical therapist at Cannon Memorial Hospital, can now be referred to as Dr. Day Watson. Watson recently completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree through Arcadia University following 2 1/2 years of study and graduated with honors."

“It pretty much took up most of my week nights and many weekends to study, read, write and research to achieve the degree,” Watson shared.

Watson’s efforts bring additional skill sets such as medical screening, radiology, pharmacology and teaching methodology to The Rehabilitation Center. It also strengthens the teamwork with the medical staff at the hospital.<

“We are so proud of Day’s hard work and success,” added Charlie Hypes, Rehabilitation Manager at Cannon Memorial Hospital. “These new skills assist Day, as well as her co-workers in providing the best care and service to our patients.”

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