Kosovo Press: Deputy Prime Minister Talks with IPCR Students

May 25, 2012

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri hosted a group of International Peace and Conflict Resolution students from Arcadia University led by Adjunct Professor Alex N. Grigorev.

Tahiri said that Kosovo is committed to Euro-Atlantic integration, and has taken sweeping reforms to meet the criteria required for membership.

Tahiri said that Kosovo declared independence in 2008, and since then the new state has recorded the highest advances in many areas including economic development, judicial reforms and infrastructure, creating attractive conditions for those who want to invest in Kosovo. Also, she said that Kosovo offers the best conditions in the region in terms of minority rights and is committed to good relations with its neighbors.

Grigorev thanked Tahiri thanked for the reception as well as the information given to students, and students expressed satisfaction that will watch Kosovo's progress closely. Read the article on the LajmiFundit website and the Republic of Kosovo website.

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