Times Herald: Norristown Teacher Pinpoints Educational Weaknesses

June 20, 2012

The Times Herald quoted Mark Cratin, a special education teacher at Norristown Area High School, in "NAHS program targets improved student performance" on June 12. As part of the school leadership team that was organized to improve the school's educational programming, Cratin analyzes student data to pinpoint individual weaknesses, as reported by Contributor Carl Rotenberg.

“It is like going up to the balcony and seeing the big picture,” said Cratin. “Every kid is under a microscope with the information available. We study student data from 9th grade to 11th grade.”

Cratin is a teacher with 25 years on the job. Since getting a Master's in education at Penn State University he is now completing an educational doctorate at Arcadia University.

“You don’t stop learning. I try to better myself,” Cratin said. “I’ve changed my method- ology over the years.”

Each member of the team has a “call list” of students that they regularly contact to offer educationaì support programs and encouragement.”

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