CBS Philly: Abboud Weighs In on Egypt's Presidential Election

June 25, 2012

CBS Philly consulted local expert Dr. Samer Abboud, Assistant Professor of History and International Studies at Arcadia University, on Mohammed Morsi's triumph in Egypt's recent democratic presidential election, June 24.

Morsi was the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate and he had the support of other opposition groups, as well, because his opponent was a former Mubarak regime official.

However, Arcadia University professor Samer Abboud, says whatever hopes the opposition had for the election were undermined, last week, when the court dissolved parliament and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces — or SCAF– stripped the presidency of most power.

“The SCAF is the supreme authority here,” says Abboud. “The president is more or less subservient to the political will and authority of the SCAF,” Abboud says, for that reason, relations between the U.S. and Egypt will remain largely unchanged, despite fears about Morsi’s intentions to create an Islamist Egypt.

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