Chu Finds Competition for Female Wrestlers

June 25, 2012 featured Jennifer Chu in the article "Four generations of Title IX," on June 23. As an assistant coach with Women’s Only Wrestling, Chu counsels girls who have limited opportunities to compete against other women to wrestle, as reported by Ivey Dejesus of Patriot News. Chu is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Arcadia University.

Jennifer Chu began wrestling in seventh grade.

In high school, if she wanted to wrestle she had to compete against boys.

That was the only opportunity she had to wrestle.

“That was frustrating,” said Chu, who graduated in 2003 from a private school in Philadelphia.

It wasn’t so much attitudes, but school policy. “Most of the guys on my team were pretty accepting,” said Chu, who started the girls’ club wrestling team during her senior year. “We didn’t have any problems there.”

Things didn’t change when she went to Haverford College, which didn’t have a women’s or a men’s wrestling team. Chu continued to train with local high school boys.

“It was really hard,” Chu remembers. “We were practicing on our own. It was very difficult to stay competitive.”

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