Hillsborough Patch: Nowak '84MSPT Joins US Olympic Rowing Team in London

July 29, 2012

Hillsborough Patch reported on July 25 that Marc Nowak ’84MSPT will be at the Games in London, helping to prepare the US National Rowing Team to bring home the gold, as reported by contributor Jenna Charles.

Nowak is looking forward to this year’s Summer Games.

“The fun part of working with athletes is helping them recover from an injury that enables them to compete and excel at the sport,” said Nowak.  “To me, to be part of that is huge.”

However, sometimes it’s not always fun and games.  One year, a rower injured his back two days before the final where a gold medal was at stake for the entire boat.  Nowak was called upon to help decide whether the rower was able to compete.  Because he had the pleasure of treating this rower for years, Nowak knew that the injury was not incredibly serious and gave the clearance for the rower to compete.

“To be in the situation where a gold medal is riding on my decision is extremely nerve-racking,” said Nowak.  “Fortunately, I was able to make the right decision and helped the entire team bring home the gold.  I’ll never forget how I was a part of such an incredible moment in those rowers’ lives.”

Nowak brings nearly thirty years of experience to Somerset Medical Center, receiving his BA in Biology from LaSalle University, and his MSPT from Arcadia University.

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