Montgomery Media: Christian ’95M.Ed. Named New Owen J. Roberts Superintendent

September 5, 2012

On Sept. 4, Montgomery Media reported that Dr. Michael Christian ’95M.Ed. is the new superintendent in the Owen J. Roberts School District.

His decision to move from teaching to administration was a natural consequence of his dedication to education.

“As I grew professionally, the move to administration became a goal. It provided an opportunity for me to have a meaningful impact on students and facilitate their success,” he said.

Christian made it clear that impacting students is, for him, the most crucial aspect of his role as superintendent.

“Unequivocally, the students are my motivation. I understand the awesome responsibility that comes with this position. Student achievement will always be of paramount importance,” he insisted.

He has stated that one of his key philosophies of education is that “students should be stretched but not overwhelmed.” The best way to accomplish that, he believes, is to “deliver a rigorous curriculum to students that requires them to be able to question, collaborate and problem solve in an increasingly digital world.”

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