Philly Fringe Festival Blog: Faculty Film 'Dostoyevsky Man' Debuts Sept. 16

September 10, 2012

Philly Fringe Festival Blog featured a story on Adjunct Professor Larry Loebell's film Dostoyevsky Man, which will be screened at Arcadia University's MainStage Theater, Spruance Fine Arts Center, on Sunday, Sept. 16, at 7 p.m.

True to his art, Larry shot the entire film on his own iPhone. As he puts it, “The reality and the fiction of the piece is that he’s talking into his phone, the actor and the character he plays.” Interior footage was taken in Larry’s basement and at Arcadia University, with exteriors shot around Mount Airy and again at Arcadia, where Larry teaches playwriting and dramaturgy (he also teaches film history at University of the Arts).

After the jump: The history of man. Dostoyevsky Man.

Though today Larry lectures in college classrooms, he sat on the other side of the podium when he wrote the first incarnation of Dostoyevsky Man in the mid 1980s, which became a short film with a five-person cast. In the early 1990s, he adapted that film into a full length play, the script of which was a semi-finalist in the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild/Julie Harris Playwright Competition and also the Cleveland Public Theater Festival of New Plays in 1993. Then the Man went dormant until this year.

What made Larry decide to remake Dostoyevsky Man the way he did for Fringe? Like most artists, even with his extensive and diverse résumé, Larry wants people to be able to see his work and seeks inexpensive means to make it accessible. “It was a practical decision to test the waters about whether this is a viable way to put out work,” he says. Larry and Seth shot the film in multiple takes for multiple scenes, working five hour days, and then edited it down to approximately a quarter of their total footage.

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