NJ.com: Lasher ’96M.Ed. Named Finalist for National Teaching Award

October 10, 2012

NJ.com reported on Oct. 4 that Kristina Lasher ’96M.Ed. was named one of two N.J. finalists eligible to receive a 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST). PAEMST program authorizes that the President of the United States annually bestow up to 108 awards to mathematics and science teachers kindergarten through grade 12.

Lasher was recommended for this award by Gill St. Bernard’s Middle School Director Matthew Huber in the fall of 2011. In his submission, Huber not only recognized Lasher as a key member of the Middle School faculty at Gill St. Bernard’s for the past eight years, but also noted her dedication to facilitating and adopting the school’s Lower School Singapore Math program as a K-6 Math Coordinator. “Kristina has remained professional and forward-looking through all of these duties, always in pursuit of the best way to engage students in mathematical instruction,” said Huber.

Upon submitting her letter of recommendation, Lasher was also required to complete an administrative, narrative and video application aimed at answering questions about her instruction methods, assessment tactics and overall leadership in the classroom.

According to the PAEMST program, each application is evaluated using the following five Dimensions for Outstanding Teaching: mastery of mathematics content appropriate for the grade level taught, use of instructional methods and strategies that are appropriate for students in the class and that support student learning, effective use of student assessments to evaluate, monitor and improve student learning, reflective practice and life-long learning to improve teaching and student learning, and leadership in education outside the classroom.

The latter Dimension, leadership in education outside the classroom, is evidenced by Lasher’s participation as co-author of numerous publications and involvement in several presentations and workshops. Lasher also holds a B.A. in psychology from Swarthmore College and a M.Ed. in reading K-12 from Arcadia University. “I can honestly say that our curriculum in mathematics is better today thanks to Kristina’s efforts,” said Huber.

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