Montgomery Media: Gov. Rendell Gives Keynote at School of Education Colloquium

November 5, 2012

Montgomery Media recently reported that Arcadia University's School of Education hosted its second annual Education Colloquium which featured keynote speaker Gov. Ed Rendell on Nov. 1. The colloquium focused on the implementation of recent research and policy in early childhood education, as reported by contributor Caitlin Burns.

Rendell presented facts about test scores for students who had attended an early childhood education program in contrast to those that hadn’t. He said eight years after he instituted the early childhood education system, Pennsylvania eighth-grade students who had attended those programs ranked number one in the nation for reading.

During his keynote speech Rendell advocated for more public education funding and said legislatures would rather place funds in a “rainy day” savings.

“When you’re cutting back on public education, it’s pouring in Pennsylvania.”

After Rendell’s keynote speech, researchers Mitra Assadi and Smita Mathur, along with advocates Donna Cooper and Shelly Yanoff discussed with audience members important aspects in learning and what recent research has discovered. Additionally, Assadi presented the audience with research that is continuing to go on.

“Intelligence is fluid and may be influenced,” Assadi said. “The brain during childhood has amazing plasticity.”

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Photo by Kara Wright ’14