ADVANCE: Jeblonski ’07DPT Bridges Two Divergent Aspirations

November 7, 2012

ADVANCE featured Greg Jeblonski ’07TDPT, whose service in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard prior to 9/11 helped bridge two divergent career aspirations, on Sept. 20. Jeblonski's story was featured in the Spring 2007 edition of the Arcadia Magazine.

While his life as a DPT student was half a world away, Dr. Jeblonski always had his eye on an eventual career in the physical therapy field and didn't want his newfound PT skills to fade. On his rare morning or afternoon off, he would volunteer at a small Battalion Aid Station, helping two physicians and one physician assistant with diagnosing minor musculoskeletal injuries and administering modalities.

After returning from Iraq, Dr. Jeblonski completed his degree and gave the student commencement address to his original graduating physical therapy class in 2006 (though his official graduation was delayed until 2007 to accommodate his year in active duty). He took a job in occupational medicine before joining the Center City Philadelphia location of Excel Physical Therapy, a 10-location practice in southeastern Pennsylvania, in June 2011.

"One of the best skills honed in the military is time management, so juggling several cases at once and always thinking two steps ahead is something that always came easy to me," said the married father of two (whose wife is also a physical therapist). "Further, one of the challenges the medical staff faces overseas is keeping troops with injuries battle-ready. People with minor injuries usually can't take a day off, so you have to strategize or accelerate their rehab accordingly. There is quite a bit of overlap between treating in the military and seeing patients here, who have jobs and lives to get back to."

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