Epoch Times: Torley ’11 Covers de la Renta's Couture for Kids

November 16, 2012

Epoch Times featured an article by Marykate Torley ’11 titled "Oscar de la Renta’s Couture for Kids" on Nov. 11. The piece recaps the spring 2013 children's wear runway show. Torley earned a B.A. in Print Communications from Arcadia University in 2011 and is currently pursuing a master’s with Full Sail University in New Media Journalism.

Smiling little girls with parted hair and brightly colored ballet shoes and sandals walked down the aisle, wearing clothes that most adult women would like to have—in their sizes, of course!

Oscar de la Renta stayed true to the ages of the children and did not try to make them age more quickly with the clothes he dressed them up in.

The girls could be seen in fitted dresses with A-line skirts, accented occasionally with a bow or cropped sweater.

The boys got button-down tops, shorts, blazers, and sweaters. The clothing was kept simple but made with clean lines that emphasized their easy wearability.

The color palette encompassed all the hues of the rainbow, though the boys mostly got plaids and stripes while the girls had patterned dresses.

Oscar de la Renta kept the show short and sweet. He accented some of the models with accessories like scooters and headphones, almost as if to keep the show from becoming too serious about fashion.

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