Gonzalez-Lopez Discusses Rise of ASD Diagnosis

November 30, 2012 featured Dr. Adriana Gonzalez-Lopez in a Nov. 28 article, "Exploring options for special needs students," which discusses the rise of autism diagnosis as well as teacher training. Gonzalez-Lopez is the Director of Arcadia's BBEST Program, which provides services to school districts in the greater Philadelphia area and in the northeast region.

The number of children diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has risen dramatically in recent years. Today, they number as many as 1 in 88 children, according to the Centers for Disease Control. There are not only more of these children, they are also more visible in the community, in schools and churches, says Adriana Gonzalez-Lopez, director of Arcadia University’s autism endorsement program.

“People now understand that the condition is biological or neurological, not something caused by the parents,” she says, “and it’s more accepted that these children need education, therapy and other services.”

Arcadia’s one-year program qualifies teachers to work with children with ASD, but “we also have therapists and others working in the field, as well as parents of children with ASD.”

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