USA TODAY College: Dettra ’16 Discusses Coming out in College

April 19, 2013

USA TODAY College featured “Opinion: Coming Out in College” by Matthew Dettra ’16 on April 17. The article is a combination of personal experience, advice to those who are struggling with coming out, and a look at the LGBT community all wrapped up in one article.

“Society has power over everyone. In today’s world, the majority rules, and being either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender goes against many social norms — something very tough for young adults (and anyone, really!) to deal with. The thought of disappointing family and friends also has a huge impact on the decision to come out.

I can say from experience that the reactions are as diverse as the people you decide to tell (and they are not all as bad as you’d like to believe). Telling my mother was probably one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I contemplated for years, hindered by the fear of rejection and disappointment. Her response? “You’re taking a different path in life, and it will certainly be different, but you can’t help who you are. I still love you.”

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