USA TODAY College: Dumlao ’15 Teaches Internship Etiquette through ‘Mad Men’

June 27, 2013

If you’ve had trouble deciphering right from wrong at your internship, you might benefit from watching the televisions series Mad Men. Frances Dumlao ’15, a Global Media major with a concentration in new media journalism, explains how she’s mastered proper office etiquette—not through seminars on how to behave as an intern, but from watching Don Draper and his fellow coworkers on Mad Men.

There is something about the well-mannered, well-dressed business class of the ’60s that makes us nostalgic for that big city dream—a dream that many interns hope to achieve.

But other than their fashion, the characters of Mad Men do not follow proper office etiquette.

Don Draper is the worst offender of them all. He’s constantly late, drunk, offensive and sloppy. Instead of sitting through a boring seminar about intern behavior, why not view an episode of Mad Men and learn through observation, watching the characters make the same mistakes episode after episode.

Read Dumlao’s article, “Advice from Mad Men: What NOT to do at your internship.”

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