Abboud’s Writing Quoted in Dissident Voice

January 15, 2014

A recent article written by Dr. Samer Abboud, assistant professor of history and international studies, was quoted in an article in Dissident Voice, an internet newsletter dedicated to providing hard-hitting, thought-provoking commentary in support of peace and social justice.

In her article, “The Saudi Bull in Arab China Shop,” Nicola Nasser cites Abboud’s Jan. 5 article in Al Jazeera, “Saudi isolation could be a threat to the region”:

Logic dictates that Iran should be in and Saudi Arabia out, but the Geneva II guest list includes warmongering Saudi Arabia, but excludes Iran, which has been calling from the start for a political solution. Such an arrangement warns of including the only ‘spoiler-in-chief,’ in the words of the Assistant Professor of International Studies at Arcadia University, Pennsylvania, Samer N. Abboud...

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