Dr. Maryam Z. Deloffre Publishes Ebola Article in Washington Post

October 3, 2014

Dr. Maryam Z. Deloffre, assistant professor of political science, published an article about Ebola, human security, and Africa in The Washington Post.

The AFRICOM [U.S. Africa Command] and UNMEER [U.N. Mission for Ebola Emergency Response] missions are not your typical militarized humanitarian intervention. Defining the Ebola crisis as a human security issue is a game changer. There is no conflict in the West African countries most heavily affected by Ebola (at least not yet), thus the security threat highlighted by the UNSC is a threat to people and their humanity — the right to life with dignity. Humanity is a universal principle, one that transcends and orders all the other humanitarian principles, one that NGOs, states and international organizations can all get behind. Viewed through this lens, it is no wonder that NGOs, such as Doctors Without Borders, that typically refuse to work with national militaries are calling on militaries to provide logistical support to address the Ebola epidemic.

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