Dr. Loury Speaks About Letters to Trayvon Event

February 27, 2015

for Power 99 FM published February 13, 2015

Source: Dr. Doreen E. Loury Associate Prof of Sociology and Dir. of Pan African Studies at Arcadia University Read more: http://www.pow

On Feb. 24, Dr. Doreen Loury, director of Pan-African Studies and assistant professor of sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice, appeared on the online radio show Song Book of Gospel. Dr. Loury discussed Letters to Trayvon: A Celebration of Black Men and Boys, an event at Arcadia on Feb. 28 that features Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father. Watch the interview online.

Dr. Loury also spoke about Letters to Trayvon with WDAS and Power 99 on Feb. 13, available online. Earlier this month, she and the event were featured in the Philadelphia Tribune and Philadelphia Magazine.

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