Jamar Nicholas Discusses Black Superheroes on MTV.com

March 4, 2015

By Danica Davidson for MTV News published February 25, 2015

Source: 4 Black Comic Book Creators Discuss Diversity And The Future Of The Super Hero

Arcadia University Art Gallery Assistant Jamar Nicholas was one of four African-American comic book creators interviewed by MTV.com on Feb. 25, speaking on diversity in comic books and the future of the superhero.

Being African-American informs everything I do, especially creatively. All the characters I create and stories I do generally revolve around African-Americans. They’re just stories about people who happen to have brown skin, and it’s not an issue.

Nicholas is a Philadelphia-based artist and educator who has won recognition for his illustrations in the graphic novel Fist Stick Knife Gun, adapted from Geoffrey Canada’s memoir by the same name. Nicholas’ new graphic novel, LEON: Protector of the Playground, releases in the spring.

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 Jamar Nicholas