Gillem Attends the Association for Women in Psychology 2015 Conference

April 22, 2015 jretter Retter

Dr. Angela Gillem, professor of psychology, attended the Association for Women in Psychology 2015 Conference in San Francisco—a feminist, multicultural conference—from March 5 to 8.

The theme of the conference was “Repairing, Restoring, and Reintegrating: Feminism and Restorative Justice.” One of the highlights was a keynote address by Angela Y. Davis, educator and activist, who has dedicated her career and activism to economic, racial, and gender justice and to supporting women in prison and dismantling the “prison industrial complex.”

Another highlight was a workshop that focused on “Addressing Diversity, Intersectionality, and Social Justice” within the clinical supervision framework. Gillem returned from the conference with many exciting ideas for enhancing the multicultural and social justice training in Arcadia's Graduate Program in Counseling.

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