Dr. Abboud Talks Syrian Economy on CCTV America

June 1, 2015

By China Central Television America published May 28, 2015

Source: Syria’s battle to keep the lights on

On May 28, Dr. Samer Abboud, associate professor of international studies, spoke with China Central Television America about challenges facing the Syrian economy, which has suffered under the ongoing civil war. The interview also was featured on Indian news site Firstpost.

Abboud is a frequent commentator on Syrian affairs and has spoken on WHYY's Radio Times and Al Jazeera, among other outlets. His new book on the Syrian conflict will be out this fall. 

I think, unfortunately, this conflict is becoming very protracted; it’s entering into a very dark period of a stalemate, and you see the slow fragmentation of the country which makes the possibility of a political solution, at least in the short term, extremely difficult—if not impossible.

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 Samer Abboud