Instructor, Costumer Austin ’09 Featured in PhillyVoice

June 4, 2015

By Aubrey Nagle for published May 19, 2015

Source: Six theater technicians, designers take center stage

On May 19, Rebecca Austin ’09, adjunct professor of theater arts, was featured on for her work in technical theater.

Austin has worked in wardrobe and costuming for The Bearded Ladies Cabaret and Tribe of Fools, two Philadelphia theater companies. Now wardrobe supervisor for the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, she sources garments, makes alterations, and schedules fittings, coordinating among designers, actors, and other crew.

Like many who work backstage, Becca Austin grew up wanting to become an actor. But when a semester abroad in London immersed Austin in theater, she decided acting wasn't for her. Instead, her love of theater drew her to the costume department.

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