On Newsworks, Clark Combats Myths on Bisexual Identity

October 14, 2015

By Theresa Clark for NewsWorks published October 9, 2015

Source: Let's dispel some myths about bisexuality — first: Yes, we exist

Theresa Clark, adjunct professor of community and global public health, wrote “Let’s Dispel Some Myths on Bisexuality—First; Yes, We Exist” for Essayworks, a section of WHYY’s Newsworks.org.

In the article, Clark relays the struggles of identifying as bisexual and the fears that many go through as they attempt to express that identity without falling into either gay or straight identities. Clark writes on her own journey to understand her identity over the years, as well as her experiences with the reactions of both the heterosexual and gay communities.

Being a bisexual means to me giving myself permission to acknowledge my fluidity in attraction to people across the gender spectrum. Many, many people, whether they identify as bisexual or not, experience some degree of fluidity in their sexual and romantic attractions.

Clark teaches a course on health issues facing sexual and gender minorities. With nearly 25 years of experience in health education, she acts as coordinator of prevention services at ActionAIDS, is a member of Widener University's Consortium on Sexuality and Aging, is a certified trainer with the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, and serves on the American Society on Aging's Leadership Council.

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 Theresa Clark