Dr. Abboud Discusses US Special Forces in Syria

November 3, 2015

By Samer Abboud for Al Jazeera published November 2, 2015

Source: Analysis: US Special Forces in Syria, why now?

Dr. Samer Abboud, associate professor of historical and political studies, wrote for Al Jazeera about last week’s gathering of 12 foreign ministers in Vienna to negotiate a resolution to the crisis in Syria. Abboud discussed the decision of the Obama administration to send Special Forces troops to Syria, questioning the government’s official explanation that the troops are helping to coordinate air strikes.

“The US' policy of wanting to do something and nothing at the same time revealed itself quite nakedly this week with the announced deployment and the start of the Vienna talks. Those that hope the deployment will be the start of a larger troop commitment will be disappointed. So will those who believe that the Vienna talks will lead to any breakthroughs on the diplomatic front.”

Dr. Abboud has commented on Middle Eastern affairs for WHYY, China Central Television America, and the Huffington Post. His book, Syria, was released in October.

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 Samer Abboud