Secanechia ’17 Finds Community in Italy

November 17, 2015

By Isabela Secanechia for Because Arcadia published October 28, 2015

Source: Escape to Alphaville

Isabela Secanechia ’17, an Italian studies major with a minor in international studies, is living in Perugia, Italy, this year. In “Escape to Alphaville,” she writes about finding a place where she can decompress and feel like part of a community.

Back at my home in Bristol, Pennsylvania, I usually go to my town’s coffee shop, and when I am at Arcadia, I default to Easton Café. So, coming to Perugia, I knew that I needed to find my “spot.” And one day, there it was. Tucked next to a Perugian chocolatier, with its exposed brick walls and vintage furniture, it was love at first sight. Just as “Friends” has Central Perk, I now have Alphaville. 

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