Math Capstone Brings Numbers and Models to War, Baseball, and More

January 18, 2016 Christopher Sarachilli

Mathematics students present their final projects at the Winter Mathematics Capstone in December.

More than 20 students presented on: “Sabermetrics,” applying statistical analysis to baseball records; “Game Theory and the War on Terror,” exploring concepts such as the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma model; “Is Arcadia’s New Math Placement Exam Better Than the Old One?” comparing ways incoming students are placed into courses; and other topics in finance, web analytics, and mathematical modeling.


  • Justin Bongarzone ’17, Jeana Cattoi ’17, Luis Lopez ’16, and Geena Romero ’17: "Sabermetrics: Searching for the best predictive power in baseball"
  • Katherine Armstrong ’16, Kathleen Maher ’16, and Taylor Marsh ’16: "Game Theory and the War on Terror"
  • Theresa Dewa ’16, Priya Kaur ’16, Kristina Sandowick ’16, and Carmela Straiton ’16: "Is the new version of Arcadia’s Math Placement test better than the old one?"
  • Michael Maderich ’16 and James Sundwall ’17: "The PageRank Vector and its Application to Internet Search and Graph Clustering"
  • Samantha Chalupa ’16 and Joseph Yankoski ’16: "A Winning Strategy for Nim on Complete Graphs"
  • Jessica Mallepalle ’16 and LinXing Yao ’18: "Almost Self-Centered Graphs"
  • Barrett Doering ’16 and Liyuan Zhang ’18: "Analyzing Credibility using Bayesian and Buhlmann Techniques"
  • Boya Liu ’16, Yue Rong ’16, and Zhenbang Wang ’19: "Panel Data Analysis: The relationship between Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Entrepreneurial Activity"
  • Janel Moore ’16, ZhiYang Zeng ’18, and You Zhou ’18: "Investigating Volatility in Bull and Bear Stock Markets"
  • Zhenbang Wang ’19, LinXing Yao ’18, and Haijian Zhang ’18: "An introduction to Hierarchical Linear Modeling"