In Inquirer, DiPrinzio Talks Email Literacy

September 6, 2016

By Dan DiPrinzio for The Philadelphia Inquirer published September 2, 2016

Source: Commentary: It's OK to seem literate in your emails

Dan DiPrinzio, director of Communications in the Office of University Relations, published “It’s OK to seem literate in your emails” in the Sept. 2 Philadelphia Inquirer. After an editorial last year on the exclamation mark, DiPrinzio addresses how some use all lowercase lettering in business emails.

For some, email has become the preferred medium to channel their inner e.e. cummings, as they eschew capitalization for an unapologetic army of lowercase letters. But, those of you who equate emailing with texting could face dire consequences in how you are perceived.

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 Daniel DiPrinzio