Physical Therapy Alumna Publishes Book on Movement Development

January 4, 2021 Caitlin Burns

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By Katherine Haines '21

In September, Dr. Joni Redlich '98M, '00DPT published, Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Building Blocks: The movement blueprint that helps children with developmental challenges reach their personal potential, which outlines a framework for infant and child movement development to encourage coordination and neurological stimulation, as well as avoid delays in foundational learning. 

The book is told through stories of children and families that she has worked with, but also with research and statistical evidence that she started gathering as a Doctor of Physical Therapy student. Dr. Redlich said it’s “written for both parents of children with developmental challenges as well as the therapists working with them.” 

Dr. Redlich owns and practices at her physical therapy clinic, Kid PT, in Somerville, New Jersey.

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