Office of Career Education Announces Career Launchpad

November 2, 2021 Daniel DiPrinzio

The Office of Career Education’s mission is to cultivate and grow a career ecosystem for Arcadia University and ensure that every student and graduate has access to the support and resources to discover a unique path and achieve a meaningful career.  
The Career Education team is proud to announce a new digital Career Launchpad, Students, faculty, and staff may visit Arcadia’s Career Launchpad and select “log in” from the top right corner. Select “sign in with your school credentials” and log in with your Arcadia network credentials. Guests without an Arcadia login may sign up for an account
Users can navigate the Career Launchpad by identities such as alumni, faculty, staff, parents and families, or prospective students. They will find digital Communities, in which resources, opportunities, career advice, employer events, interview prep, labor market insights, and career guides are curated based on their industry interests. Users may also explore curated resources aligned with their identities, such as College2Career Scholars, International Students, LGBTQ+, Multicultural Students, and Student Workers/Work-Study. Finally, users may explore and receive content based on their career development needs, such as interviewing, applying for internships/jobs, and planning for graduate school through the Launchpad’s Career Prep communities. 
The Career Launchpad creates a self-service yet customized career exploration experience for students and community members. It allows them to discover a wide range of content aligned to specific interests or affinity groups. Visitors to the platform are encouraged to set preferences to indicate interest in any number of Communities. Then, automated newsletters sent from the platform deliver just the content relevant to each user’s unique interests, based on their set preferences. During November, the OCE will be offering giveaway raffles for users who set up their preferences.  
Get started for a chance to win a raffle item such as Arcadia swag, Amazon Dots, gift cards, and more. For more information on the Career Launchpad, contact  

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