LOVE Pilot Program Acts-Up in Fall Semester, Looks Forward to Spring 2022

December 10, 2021 Daniel DiPrinzio

The LOVE Pilot Program’s final Act-Up of the semester, on Dec. 8, was a hybrid event that included an Open House in the Commons Great Room, as well as a virtual Zoom room for the sharing of insights, learning, and proposed antiracism actions the group has developed over the semester. More than 40 participants, nine affiliated courses and programs, and a dozen faculty and staff members gathered weekly to explore anti-racism through various lenses and perspectives, considering pathways of justice, service, increased awareness, and restoring truth to both our historical and current narratives about race. In this culminating event, these groups not only shared a powerful array of ideas and initiatives, but also the process and pitfalls they faced as well, including the conversations they needed to have to achieve group cohesion, and the profound impact it was for many to realize how much they didn’t know before they began their LOVE journey. 

In spring 2022, LOVE will continue with a focus on bringing the initiatives generated over the past two semesters of working groups to fruition. This will give participants yet another angle of understanding of antiracism: How do we interrupt and dismantle the systems and structures that hold white supremacy in place? 

The LOVE Pilot Program is open to the entire Arcadia community and is a place where students, staff, and faculty sit side-by-side to explore the ways that racism and inequity is embedded into so many systems and structures, and how to take actions that will dismantle these systems and lead to more justice and equity. 

If you would like to join LOVE for the spring semester, please complete this form. LOVE is also an approved Global Connections Experience (GCE) and offers a Global Connections Reflection (GCR101) for those undergraduates who need to fill this requirement. Other opportunities to receive credit for participation as well as internship and fellow opportunities are also available. 

Click here to view a photo gallery of LOVE program initiatives throughout the semester. 

Other LOVE Pilot Program stories throughout the year include an Act-Up on intersectionality and a Good Trouble Act-Up in October. 

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