Eaton Presents Paper Examining Black Identities in Belize

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 24, 2015

Dr. Kalenda Eaton, associate professor of English and director of global learning, presented at the “Roots/Heritage Tourism in Africa and the African Diaspora: Case Studies for a Comparative Approach” international conference in Miami, Fla., from Feb. 12 to 14. Dr. Eaton’s paper, “…And we were never slaves: Exploring the Routes/Roots of Black Belize through a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program,” expanded her scholarly work on cultural and historical preservation within the African Diaspora by examining diverse “black” identities in Belize and the role of tourism in defining cultural relevance and authenticity. She also discussed her global field study course on Belize, which she designed and has taught for three years at Arcadia, citing how her work with vendors in the country led to a greater examination of the relationship between “black” identity and sustainable tourism.