The Parents' Network

Making Connections

The Arcadia University Parents’ Network is a valuable resource, connecting you to University administration and other Arcadia families. Life as a college student is an exciting experience—whether your student is entering Arcadia or starting their final year, the Network is a key link for family members to gather information, seek advice, or find the right person to talk to. 

Arcadia University values parents and families as partners in their student’s success. The Network allows families to share information on academics, health and safety on campus, residential life, activities, student affairs, and financial aid. 

Parents’ Network members also are encouraged to participate in programs and events in support of Arcadia.

All parents and families of Arcadia students are automatically members of the Network, and there are many opportunities to become more involved. (See reverse.)

Get Involved

Network members participate in two primary areas:

Enrollment Management Events

Current members of the Network are invited to various Enrollment Management programs to welcome parents of new students and provide them with guidance, support, and parental insights.

New Student Orientation

Members also are invited to attend summer and fall orientation programs to introduce parents and families of new Arcadia students to the Network and the University.

Come to Our Meetings

The Network sponsors two meetings each year: one in the fall semester, usually during Family Weekend in October, and one in the spring, typically in February. These meetings provide an opportunity for parents to communicate with one another and discuss their changing roles and relationships with their students. In addition, a staff member from Student Affairs is available to answer questions about campus life.

Become an Active Member

Becoming an active member of the Network means that you will be included on a list of parents interested in participating in the Network’s campus activities. Active members also select a president to serve as liaison between membership and the vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. To become an active member, email