Pati Hill: Something other than either

March 7–August 16, 2020
Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany


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This spring, Germany’s Kunstverein München presents "Pati Hill: Something other than either", the artist's first posthumous institutional solo exhibition in Europe, conceived in cooperation with the Pati Hill Collection, housed at Arcadia University and overseen by Richard Torchia, director of Arcadia Exhibitions. 

A silent video tour of "Pati Hill: Something other than either" at the Kunstverein Munich.  

Hill (1921-2014) left behind an artistic output spanning roughly 60 years and encompassing various disciplines. Untrained as an artist, she began to use the photocopier as an artistic tool in the early 1970s and continued to do so until her death, leaving behind an extensive oeuvre that oscillates between image and text. Besides this comprehensive body of xerographic work, she published four novels, a memoir, several short stories, wrote poetry, and made drawings.

By using the copier—a machine that was stereotypically linked to secretarial work and thus to feminized labor—to trace everyday objects such as a comb, a carefully folded pair of men’s trousers or a child’s toy, Hill developed an artistic practice by which she began a programmatic translation of invisible domestic labor into a visual and public language. The exhibition expands upon the xerographs and looks at the artist’s writing, publishing, and editing as practices that both interrogate and accompany the visual work. A fragmented, necessarily incomplete index of her exploration of image and text (re-)production, the exhibition encompasses xerographs, published novels, poetry, sketchbooks, unpublished manuscripts, and letters.

As part of the exhibition, a reprint of her 1979 publication, Letters to Jill: A catalog and some notes on copying, in which Hill intended to explain and contextualize her working methodology will be made available. If you are interested in purchasing copies of Letters to Jill: A catalog and some notes on copying or Arcadia Exhibitions' catalog Pati Hill: Photocopier—A Survey of Prints and Books (1974-83), contact

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