Practice Math Placement Exam for First-Year Students

For First-Year Students

Practice Math Placement Exam

We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to Arcadia University and to explain one of the aspects of Summer Orientation. Each first-year student will take a math, English and modern language placement exam this summer. The purpose of these inventories is to correctly place you into the proper courses. The University does not want to enroll you in a course that is too difficult or too easy. So, the placements allow us to determine your current level in these three areas. This information will be used in advising you on course selection for the upcoming fall semester.

We recognize that some students may not have taken math in their senior year or that math is a weak area for some. Therefore, a practice placement exam along with the answer key is linked above. There are three different sections in the math placement exam: Math Skills, Algebra and Pre-Calculus. When you take the math placement exam during Summer Orientation, you will complete two of the three sections. New students who have taken four years of high school math culminating with either calculus, pre-calculus, or math analysis should take the Algebra and Pre-Calculus sections. Students with fewer math courses should take the Math Skills and Algebra sections.

The practice math placement exam will give you a good idea of the topics covered on the actual math placement exam that you will take during the Summer Orientation day you choose to attend. The actual math placement exam will be timed and you may use an ordinary scientific and graphing calculator (such as the TI –83, 85, and 86), but not a symbolic calculator (including the TI-89, 92 and Voyage 200). We will provide calculators for those who do not bring their own. We do not expect new students to get every answer correct. Remember, this math placement exam is used for academic advising purposes only. It is not a pass/fail test. We also recognize the fact that some first-year students have taken the Interactive Mathematics Program or the Core Plus math curricula in high school. These excellent curricula stress problem solving over computational skills, and the math placement exam may not fully assess the math backgrounds of students graduating from these programs. The Mathematics department will factor your curriculum into their placement assessments. 

We here at Arcadia look forward to seeing you at Summer and Fall Orientation.