Preview FAQs

When is Preview?

The Preview experience classes begin Spring team which is in late January, and the off-campus overseas component dates are during Spring

Who is eligible?

Full-time matriculated first-year students who enter the University in spring, summer or fall participate
in Preview during the following spring semester, provided they enter with less than 32 credits, maintain
a minimum 1.75 GPA and remain in good disciplinary standing. All new full-time transfer students who
remain in good academic and disciplinary standing and are enrolled full time at the time of departure
can participate in Preview.

How do I sign up and choose a course?

If eligible, You will be notified by email in early fall about the online registration through MyArcadia. You will receive specific details about deadlines and payment by email.

You should indicate your top three preferences. You will be asked to write a brief personal statement which explains your interest in a particular course and your statements will be reviewed and considered by Preview leaders.

Do I get credit?

All Preview off-campus experiences are embedded within a two-credit course which begins in late January and culminates in April. Individual faculty lead the curriculum. Preview is open to first-year and transfer students in all majors.

Who handles the accommodations and airfare?

The Office of International Affairs arranges logistics, often with the assistance of overseas staff in the Preview cities where The College of Global Studies is based. Your accommodations vary in each location, but are clean, basic and safe. You will be housed with one to four roommates. Arcadia books regularly scheduled airlines and departs from nearby international airports.

How are courses taught in the U.S. and then overseas?

Each faculty leader will announce class times and frequency in January, but expect to meet weekly between the end of January and mid-April.

Faculty direct the curriculum and are accompanied by other Arcadia employees who mentor you throughout the experience. The Office of International Affairs provides pre-departure guidance on the logistics, health and safety, passport and/or visa regulations, health concerns, costs, weather, and luggage.

How much does Preview cost and what does it cover?

Preview program fees are $495.  The fee covers air and ground transportation, programmed events, accommodations and some meals. If you enter the University as a member of the Honors program and are active at the time of application you
do not pay the Preview fee.

You are responsible for passport/visa fees, meals and incidental expenses including the cost of passport (and visa, where applicable), lunch, dinner, souvenirs and individual activities. Costs will vary among sites, but $50 per day is a modest budget. Past students report spending $250 to $800, depending on their habits and preferences. Check out exchange rates ( and talk with former participants.

How can I get my money while overseas?

You should take an ATM card that is linked to a checking account for easy access to funds and for the best exchange rate. The U.S. bank will charge fees for foreign withdrawals and it's important to notify the bank of the country and dates abroad. Credit cards (VISA or Mastercard) are usually accepted everywhere except for smaller businesses; travelers checks are not advisable.

Will I need a Passport or a visa?


You will be required to provide a copy of your passport to travel on Preview. The deadline for providing a passport copy is typically late November. Please allow 4-6 weeks for passport processing of new passport applications and renewals. If you currently have a passport be sure it has 6 months of expiration beyond your return date.


U.S. citizens do not require visas for short visits to most locations. If you hold another passport you need to check on requirements and the Office of International Affairs can help you. Note for U.S. "green card" holders, the passport determines visa requirements. Locations requiring a Visa for U.S. citizens will be noted in the Preview announcement and course description.

Do I need to know the language of the country to participate?

This opportunity is open to you with or without language competency.