Alison A. Clabaugh

Visiting Instructor, Psychology

Boyer Hall 127

About Me

Arcadia faculty member since 2012


Arcadia Courses Taught:

Introduction to Psychology (PY111)

Health Psychology (PY203)

Social Psychology (PY331)

Personality Psychology (PY332)

Social Psychology for non-majors (PY153)

University Seminar - Gender: Origins & Consequences (US285)

Senior Seminar (PY490-PY491)

Education History

Muhlenberg College 2002

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology

Minor in Dance

Temple University 2008



Co-Author 2003

The Body Weight Contingency of Self-Worth

Article, Self and Identity

Co-Authored with Karpinski, A. & Griffin, K.

Co-Author 2008

Clinical trials and statistical tribulations

Article, Applied Clinical Trials

Co-Authored with Attig, R.

Co-Author 2004

Stereotype accuracy in modern and ballet dancers

Article, Journal of Social Psychology

Co-Authored with Morling, B.

Co-Author 2004

Dancers body esteem, fitness esteem, and self-esteem in three contexts

Article, Journal of Dance Education

Co-Authored with Van Zelst, L. & Morling, B.

Research Summary

Her research interests include studying the relationship between self-esteem and body weight in the context of the contingencies of self-worth model.  She is also interested in studying anti-fat attitudes, obesity bias and stigmatization of overweight individuals in Western culture.