Aroline Elizabeth Seibert Hanson

Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures

Easton 133 (215) 572-2916 Mondays 10-11AM, 2:45-3:45PM

About Me

Areas Of Focus

Second language acquisition, motivation, Heritage learners, study abroad, technology in the classroom, language reclamation and revitalization

Spanish, English


Education History

Tufts University 2001

B.A., Major in Spanish

Middlebury College 2005

M.A., Major in Spanish Language

The Pennsylvania State University 2009

M.A., Major in Spanish Linguistics

The Pennsylvania State University 2012

Ph.D., Major in Spanish Linguistics and Language Science


Co-Author, first author 2014

Global effects: The roles of first language and proficiency in L2 processing of Spanish clitics

Article, Language Learning

Co-Authored with Dr. Matthew T. Carlson

first author 2016

Motivation and Technology Use During Second Language Study Abroad in the Digital Age

Article, Canadian Applied Linguistics

Co-Authored with Dr. Melisa J. Dracos

Co-Author 2019

The effects of spaced-repetition studying on self-efficacy beliefs and second language acquisition

Article, Taylor & Francis

Co-Authored with Dr. Christina M. Brown

Author 2019

The motivation of heritage learners vs. second language learners in a university-level composition course

Contribution to book, Multilingual Matters

Co-Author 2019

The digital dilemma: L1 and L2 technology use and language learning motivation among US university students studying abroad

Article, John Benjamins Publishing Company

Co-Authored with Dr. Melisa Dracos

Author 2019

Reexamining the classification of an endangered language: The vitality of Brunca

Article, University of Hawai'i Press